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Entry #1

Making a new game , A zombie game !

2009-06-25 17:13:54 by SuperSonicShower

Its getting really cool i'm going to post some pictures as we progress in our horror-action game

Stay tuned ! ;)

+ Micheal jacksons dead but im not a fan so i will not cry or such things :P

damn emo's cut themselves >:(


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2009-06-25 17:16:00

okay... cant you post a little detail here?

SuperSonicShower responds:

we havent done much yet just wait and see :)


2009-06-25 17:16:46

Well Done.

SuperSonicShower responds:

thanks :P


2009-06-25 21:18:27

go die, he may hav done some stupid things when he got older but his music inspired a generation of SINGERS not rappers so if u hate him then thats ur loss but u should still respect him as a human being asshole -_-

SuperSonicShower responds:

okay thats an over reaction i do not hate him i just dont like him its not like i dont care that he is dead and so i just dont think he is worth listening to ... :D


2009-07-21 00:50:03

And goths smoke and are suicidal but just talk

SuperSonicShower responds:

okay hate those too bad goths >:(